Main Event Night

Main Event

Youth Group Night at Main Event

What a great time we had last night as the Youth Group gathered at Main Event near Hulen Mall.  It was a night where fun was the focus and the result was a good time had by all as we were together there from 6 pm – 9 pm.

The night started off with a few laser tag games.  From there we took up three lanes for bowling to accommodate all who attended the evening event. Finally, it was a mix of more laser tag games, arcade fun, billiards, and table shuffle board.

Main Event provides a great atmosphere for entertainment.  It holds quite the media impact particularly if you are a sports fanatic.  The big screens are everywhere.  The bowling alleys are well lit with creative lighting.  And there is even a big screen over every lane with various and sundry sporting events being shown.

All in all it was a great facility to relax, laugh, and have a night of fun as we continue to watch all that God is doing to bring this Youth Group together.