Our Parish

church-865x579Years ago as I began my journey to the ancient faith, a very good friend of mine and I were having a discussion about the true purpose of the Church. He asked a very meaningful question, “Is the Church really just a museum of saints or is it supposed to be a hospital for sinners?”

When you think about it, the question implies that the Church can only be one of the two possibilities. In reality, the correct answer is that the Church is both a museum of saints and a hospital for sinners.

It is a museum of saints in the way that we visibly and prayerfully remember those who have gone before us. We are ever mindful of those who lived the Christian life in such a way that, while they were here on earth, they lived far more for the love of their Lord Jesus Christ than they lived for themselves. The remembrance of them encourages us to press on with endurance in our faith.

And, the Church is most certainly a hospital for sinners. God came in the person of Jesus Christ to heal broken and wounded lives, release those whose lives are in bondage to unhealthy patterns and addictions, and to bring peace into our chaos. The Body of Christ on earth is the very continuation of this redeeming ministry; for Christ is infinitely present therein.

At St. Peter Orthodox Church, you will find a people committed to our Lord and to one another. Everything we do in our Parish is to either encourage us toward maturity in our Christian life or to be a means by which we can encounter the reality and grace of God toward the healing of our soul.