Transfiguration Mass 8/6

This Thursday night (August 6th) at 6:00 pm, we will celebrate Mass remembering the Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Please make plans to join us for this Holy Day of Devotion and one of the Twelve Major Feasts of the Orthodox Church.

Transfiguration-freso-in-an-Orthodox-church-in-the-USThe Collect of the Transfiguration

O God, who on the mount didst reveal to chosen witnesses thine only begotten Son wonderfully transfigured in raiment white and glistering; Mercifully grant that we, being delivered from the disquietude of this world, may be permitted to behold the King in His beauty, who with Thee, O Father, and Thee, O Holy Ghost, liveth and reigneth, one God, world without end.  Amen