Welcome to our Christian Education resources page.  We believe very strongly in making disciples of those who attend St. Peter Orthodox Church at all ages.  Below you will find curriculum that we have developed for our Sunday School program.  We invite you to have a look, download, and use whatever might be helpful to you. 

Current Curriculum

Christ in the Old Testament

In Luke 24, the resurrected Christ answers the questions of the sorrowing disciples by “beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, expounding to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself." The Old Testament was the only scriptures the early Christians had and has always held a critical place in the Church doctrine and worship. This is due largely to the fact that Christ can be found through out the Old Testament. We will not only be introducing students to the Old Testament stories if they are unfamiliar with them, but we will also show students how many of the familiar characters clearly foreshadow Christ and his redemptive work.

This series includes the following lessons:

1. Christ the Creator

2. Adam and Eve - God’s First Image Bearers

3. The First and Second Adam, First and Second Eve

4. The Blood of Abel

5. The Ark and the Flood, The Church and Baptism

6. Babel in Light of Pentecost

7. Abraham - Father of Our Faith, Friend of God

8. Offering His Only Son

9. The Ladder to Heaven

10. Wrestling with God

11. Joseph, the Betrayal of a Savior

12. A Deliverer is Born and Meets I AM

13. Plagues & Passover

14. Baptism Before the Journey - Bread Along the Way

15. The Tabernacle - the Church - the Saint

16. Joshua the Savior - Rahab a Gentile Full of Faith

17. Judges - Cycles of Repentance

18. Ruth and her Kinsman Redeemer

19. Miraculous Births

20. David the Shepherd King & Betrayer and Betrayed

21. Jonah - A Résurrection Prefiguration

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The Book Of Acts

Walk through the Book of Acts and learn about the birth of the Church and the continuing ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ in and through His people.

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Previous Series


Jesse Tree Devotionals bring home the fact that Christ was a real person, human flesh and bone. This study was written for parents to share with their children and illustrates through the lineages in the gospel of Matthew and Luke that Christ's family goes all the way back to Adam, the first man God made. Through the obedience of Mary, God truly did become fully human in order to reach the heart of man.

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Kingdom of Heaven

Multiple times in his ministry, Jesus beckons his followers to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. What kind of Kingdom is he talking about? This series explores our Lord's parables that serve as a guide for those on a journey into the Kingdom of God.

This series includes the following lessons:

1. Entering the Kingdom – Repentance 

2. Entering the Kingdom – Repentance 

3. Entering the Kingdom – Repentance

4. Kingdom Participation - Forgiveness

5. Kingdom Participation - Forgiveness

6. Kingdom Participation - Forgiveness

7. The Kingdom - Four Soils

8. The Kingdom - Four Soils

9. The Kingdom - Four Soils

10. The Kingdom - A Great Net Passed on through the Apostles

11. The Kingdom Belongs to the Childlike and the Poor in Spirit

12. The Kingdom’s Worth - Hidden Treasure and Pearls

13. The Kingdom’s Worth - Hidden Treasure and Pearls

14. The Kingdom’s Worth - Hidden Treasure and Pearls

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