Catechism Classes

“Preparing mankind to live as disciples of Jesus Christ all of their days.”

Catechism Week 4: Who is Jesus?

Having discussed the Holy Trinity last week, we now turn our attention to the One of the Holy Trinity Who became man to save man. Who is Jesus as revealed to and through Christ’s Holy and Apostolic Faith. What does it mean that He was begotten of the Father? What is meant when we say that Jesus was one person with two natures as stated at the Council of Chalcedon in AD 451 as various heresies were put down by the revealed truth of Christ through the Church. This is our focus in this week’s catechism class.

Catechism Week 3: The Holy Trinity

The Church has always considered the Holy Trinity to be a mystery. So many heresies have come about through the 2000 years of the Church that erroneously attempted to explain the Trinity. There is, however, a consensus of revealed truth that has been expressed by God through His Church as to the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity. It is so important to understand these revealed truths because our Faith is defined by who God is in His Nature. This teaching shares what we know about the Trinity so that we may grow in God’s likeness by living in union with Him: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Catechism Week 2: Knowing God as Person

It is taught in the Church that our salvation comes from our communion with God. God is not some distant object. God is an ever present Trinity of three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This God has made a way for all who are in Him to come to truly know Him, not just know about Him. The Orthodox Church has forever taught us that we are saved by an experienced relationship with the God who makes Himself known to us. Our Lord Jesus Christ was the express image of God to us and for us. He came and lived among us that we might see God, know God, and be saved.