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Giving Answers to Our Faith

Orthodox Christians are asked many questions by those outside of the Orthodox Faith.  It is important for us to be able to know how to answers grounded in truth and humility to the questions they ask us.  This series has two purposes.  One is to equip the faithful in the Orthodox Church to be able to express truth in answering these questions.  But this series also is designed to help us take on the mind of Christ regarding our Faith so that we grow deeper with the most clear sight of our Lord and all that He has given us to encounter Him for our salvation.

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From the Harrowing of Hades to the Ascension

In this series, we will look at Christ's ministry from the moment He gave up His spirit and descended into Hades to His glorious Ascension.  We will begin with and in-depth look at His profound work of salvation known as the "Harrowing of Hades" and then make our way through Christ's post-Resurrection ministry.  We will find along the way that what Christ accomplished in Hades, He continues to do in and for each and every beloved soul He has brought into Himself.