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Fulfilling the Great Commission as we pass along the Faith in Jesus Christ through the harmony of Holy Scripture and the teachings of His Church

Current Learning Series

From the Harrowing of Hades to the Ascension

In this series, we will look at Christ's ministry from the moment He gave up His spirit and descended into Hades to His glorious Ascension.  We will begin with and in-depth look at His profound work of salvation known as the "Harrowing of Hades" and then make our way through Christ's post-Resurrection ministry.  We will find along the way that what Christ accomplished in Hades, He continues to do in and for each and every beloved soul He has brought into Himself.

Previous Series

The Gospel of St. John, being written some 30 - 40 years after the other three Gospels, contains some of the most wondrous theological revelations about the life of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It is so important that we take into ourselves this theology which has been passed down from generation to generation since the inception of the Church at Pentecost.


Theology is defined by the Church as the expressed revelation of God to man revealing Who God is and all that He has done for the salvation of the world.  We will study the Gospel of St. John reflecting on these truths.  For without the revelation of God as to His very nature, we cannot hope to know Him and by the light of His countenance shining upon us be made whole. 

St. Paul has described Christian discipleship as being akin to the rigors of military life, athletic discipline, and compulsory servanthood. He has also made it clear to us that our contention in the Christian life, that for which we prepare and train ourselves, is against what the Church calls  “the world, the flesh, and the devil.” According to Tradition, the real contention is against the temptations of the devil, who uses the world and the flesh to bait us to abandon our Christian discipleship.

An aspect of our “training” in the Christian life is discerning the devil’s machinations and learning how to respond to them. The Roman Catholic theologian and professor, Peter Kreeft, has written an excellent book, The Snakebite Letters, as a means to reveal how the devil conspires to tempt us, how we are apt to succumb to such temptations, and, by implication, how we should respond.

Using The Snakebite Letters as a sort of guide through these muddy waters of the spiritual life, we will look at what Kreeft (and the demonic) describes as the peculiar temptations of American Christians, how the devil tempts Christians in general, and what we are to do about it.

When our Lord Jesus Christ took bread and wine and blessed it, He told His disciples that whenever they were to gather together they were to "do this in remembrance of me."  It was no mere intellectual or mental exercise that He was asking them to do.  Rather, He was saying that when you do this and every time you do this I will be there in your midst.  

When God's people gather together for Eucharist, there Christ and His Kingdom are made manifest for all to experience.  In this series we start with this idea regarding Christian worship, but we must also look further.  It is our Lord's desire that we take Christ and the Kingdom made manifest living our lives in such a way in this life that in all we do and everywhere we go, the King and His Kingdom are made manifest for the salvation of the world as He lives through us, His Church.

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