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Men's Ministry Saturday Morning Meeting

I want to give you a reminder that we will have our Men's Ministry Meeting this Saturday beginning at 9 AM.

Please make every effort to come as we meet together. We need a fairly significant amount of muscle and labor Saturday morning. Allow me to mention how Saturday will look for us.

There will be no breakfast this Saturday, so please eat something before you come. We are not able to get into Booth Hall because that floor needs the better part of the day to seal since it has been stripped and polished.

Therefore, when you come Saturday we will meet in the Nave of the Church for Morning Prayer. After Morning Prayer, we have a service project to accomplish. We must move all furniture and other items out of each classroom of the Education Building into the hallways. We are doing this so that the floors can be stripped and polished early next week.

My friends, we need all that can come to do so in order to most efficiently accomplish this needful project. Please make plans to come and serve.

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