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Sunday School Begins Again This Sunday

Sunday School Classes for all ages begin again this Sunday following Mass.

Come and join us as we grow together in Christ and learn how to live in and from Him. Below you will find a list of all available classes for this upcoming year:

1. Adult Series: "God in the Midst of our Suffering" - In this life we will have to endure sufferings of one form or another. This is why it is so important to know how God is with us and how we can best walk with Him in times such as these. The hub of this series will be based on a book called "A Sacred Sorrow: Reaching out to God in the Lost Language of Lament." This coupled with the teaching of Holy Scripture and the Church Fathers is intended to give us a framework where we may experience the reality that God is indeed our refuge and strength, an ever present help in times of trouble. And He is our salvation.

2. Adult Catechism: Deacon Peter Cox will teach our catechism classes just as he did last year. The classes will be the same subject matter. All inquirers and catechumens are encouraged to be in this class as well as those who wish to sharpen up their understanding regarding the faith of the Church as handed down by Christ to His Apostles and beyond.

3. Youth Group (Grades 7 - 12): Our Youth Group start having with meetings every Sunday which will last the duration of our regular Sunday School Classes. Subdeacon Aaron and Taylor will be getting to know them and prayerfully discovering the way of continued development of our youth ministry.

4. Kindergarten - 6th Grade (broken up into various age groups): The study this year will be the Book of Acts as they learn the birth of the Church and the continuing ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ in and through His people.

5. Ages 1 - 4: The "Littles" will begin their year with The Story of God's Creation and learn about God's love and His Church through age appropriate instruction.

As you can see, we are determined to disciple Christians of all ages to be followers of Christ that they may know Him and experience Him all the days of their life.

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