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Summer Refreshment: SOYO visits Ladyminster

"Finally, there is the Church wherein the impulses of wonder and hope and faith are realized, with repentance, in the act of worshipful thanksgiving."- St Theophan the Recluse

In the first week of August, members of Teen Soyo and sponsors from the Kantz and Mitchell families took a pilgrimage to our Western Rite Monastery in Fremont County, Colorado.

Corrie Mitchell summarizes of the trip, "We all ate together, prayed together, worked together and enjoyed being with each other without distractions. We had one meal a day that was a silent meal. The rest were informal. The monks and nuns were gracious hosts and took great care of us. They showed us what the love of Christ looks like in so many ways. All left feeling rejuvenated and wanting a few more days in this peaceful space! Definitely something we need at least once a year!"

Soyo member Christopher Kantz recalls fondly, "I had a good time. I talked with other members of SOYO with frequent breaks for prayers and services in the chapel. Every once in a while they had some work for us to do.. Every lunch period there was silence and the monks are very good cooks"

The pilgrimage seemed to have a positive effect on all that attended, not just during the trip but spilling over afterwards. "I think that is the most peaceful I've ever been . I still remember how calming the prayer services were." noted SOYO member Chris Moore.

Teen Soyo outside St. Laurence center

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