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"A Christmas Carol" - A Special Advent Teaching Series

Beginning Sunday, November 24th, St. Peter Orthodox Church will have a special Advent teaching series during Adult Sunday School.

Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol is the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge; a man broken by the pains of his past and the pursuit of materialistic success with no regard for his fellow man leaving him a far lesser person than he was truly created to be.

It is the beautiful narrative of how Scrooge is called and lead to repentance by the examination of his past, his present, and a look into his future. Dickens grants us one of the great literary pictures of a man's soul so completely transformed and set free to return to his true self, the image and likeness of God.

In this series we will show video segments from the story surrounded by teachings on how God shines his light into our brokenness that He might heal us and restore us.

Come and journey with us this Advent through a classical tale filled with wonderful redemptive truths:

  • Nov. 24 - Introduction to Ebeneezer Scrooge and the call to repentance

  • Dec. 1 - no Sunday School, the Sunday after Thanksgiving

  • Dec. 8 - The Ghost of Christmas Past - letting God heal the shame and wounds from our past

  • Dec. 15 - The Ghost of Christmas Present - repentance from our actions today and our sins of omission.

  • Dec. 22 - The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come & the Restoration of Ebeneezer Scrooge - the blessed gift of our mortality and the joy of one healed through repentance

Matins: 9:00 AM

Mass: 9:30 AM

Sunday School: 11:30 AM

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