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A Wonderful Rebirth of Men's Ministry at St. Peter Parish

Today, at St. Peter Orthodox Church, the Men's Ministry of our Parish began anew. We had a wonderful time over breakfast reestablishing a foundation on which our Lord can establish the ministry He desires for the men of the Parish.

We began with great fellowship over breakfast and then had a brief meeting where I spoke about three different elements the men's ministry should always seek to fulfill. They are as follows:

  1. Spiritual Growth - accomplished through teachings, conferences, prayer, and iron-sharpening iron fellowship.

  2. Fellowship - small groups of those with common interests will be gathering to live life together doing things that come most naturally to them in their lives already. It is by living life together that both relationship and trust grow so that iron can truly sharpen iron and men can live in encouragement and accountability with one another.

  3. Service - men must walk together washing the feet of others. As we serve both Parish and community needs, we enjoy time together and with our Lord, and we become more like our Lord Jesus Christ.

Gary Reynolds ended our time introducing us to the "Amen" men's ministry of the Diocese of Miami and the Southeast. For years this ministry has been assisting men in becoming like God by His grace. We have many wonderful resources already developed through this ministry that can help us as we move forward.

I thank God for the 25 men who came today to relaunch our Parish Men's Ministry and I am very excited to see what God will do in the lives of all of the men in the Parish moving forward.


Fr. Mark


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