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OCLife Chapter Started at St. Peter Orthodox Church

St. Peter Orthodox Church has started a chapter of Orthodox Christians for Life.

Orthodox Christians for Life ("OCLife") is a non-profit organization dedicated to equipping the Orthodox Christian community to strengthen its commitment to the sacredness of human life from conception to death, illuminating the Church's teaching on life issues through education and engagement.

OCLife was originally founded in 1986 by a group of faithful volunteers, who were eventually unable to continue their work. After nearly two decades of dormancy, the organization was revived in 2020 so that we can continue its important mission.

Orthodox Christians for Life will strive to engage hearts and minds at all levels of Christian life, from our Sunday school classrooms to our seminaries. In collaboration with clergy and lay leaders, we will produce pastoral resources, create sanctity of life educational curriculum, establish parish-based pro-life ministries, develop an Orthodox post-abortion recovery program, and offer further opportunities to strengthen the Orthodox community's commitment to the sanctity of life.

As we lay a new foundation for this ministry, please keep us in your prayers!
Please click here for more information about OCLife:


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